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Where we tackle all things–college entrance test (SAT prep and ACT prep)–

–college essay writing/crafting/mastering–school help–

–guidance and mentoring–connecting with God’s heart for your life

I’m Matt Hallock

(Mentor, Coach, Lead SAT Conqueror, College Essay Sage)

This Is My Family

(Wife, daughters, ducks, and bunny…we have a dog too)

And This Is What I’ll Help You Conquer

When I join your team, you will walk away with college essays you can be proud of. You will understand WAY more what you need to do in order to boost your score and overcome the dreaded SAT. And you will see things turn around in your classes.

But when you work with me, you’ll soon learn that none of those things is our primary goal, or your primary benefit.

With me you won’t only master the SAT or craft your best, most persuasive and powerful college essay.

You will also become the confident, secure, world-changing conqueror that God created you to be from the beginning.

If you are going to succeed in life beyond the scope of school and beyond the time of our working together, then you are going to need more than just a tutor to help you patch up the holes in your polynomial factoring and subject-verb agreement..

You need a mentor to help patch up the holes in your thinking. To help repair the damage caused by low confidence, negative self-talk, test anxiety, and discouragement. 

You need to know you are valuable, worthy of love, and a prized creation of God.

Over the years, it’s been my absolute honor to help students not just drastically improve and overcome in all of their areas of concern, but also to connect with Jesus in a new, life-changing powerful way that rescues them from alcoholism (yes even in high school), heals their depression, and empowers them to look at the world with fire in their eyes again.

I show students that God is real, and that he wants to impact every part of their lives, including SAT testing, College Essay writing, and future vision-casting. He is not far off and he has not abandoned them. In fact he is their biggest advocate.

If you can connect with that understanding, it will revolutionize your thinking, your emotions, your days, and your performance.

Your dreams become vivid and possible instead of depressing and hopeless.

You are awesome. Let’s do this.


Reviews from those who have gone before you 🙂

What a pleasure it has been to watch Matt at work with our son! He is so impressive and knowledgeable. We interviewed 4 different tutors while looking for an instructor to help our son with the SATs. After all the interviews, my son and husband looked at me and said, “there is no comparison, no question…. Matt Hallock is the one”. His process for teaching the SAT test was very specific, with individual needs being addressed with each step. Matt was responsible and reliable and worked very well with our son. I would recommend Matt to ANY student or level. My son’s score increased by nearly 300 points!! THANK YOU MATT!!


SAT Parent

Matt has such a great sense of purpose and care for his subject and his students. He has the unique ability to instantly connect with his students and also able to meet them where they are. We are so impressed not only with his command of the material but presenting it in a way that not only makes it relevant, but gives all the kids’ purpose and meaning. He comes to every organization with our highest recommendation!

Mr. Fitz

H.S. Principal

Matt tutored my daughter. He is a fabulous tutor as well as a very nice person. It was a great experience for my daughter and she increased her total SAT score by 190 points.


SAT Parent

My son is a senior in high school and applying to several universities. After only several SAT tutoring sessions with Matt Hallock, he was able to increase his SAT score by 120 points with improvement in all three test areas. Matt Hallock is affirming, focused and patient. He was able to assess my son’s strengths and weaknesses quickly and foster confidence with sound advice and specific practice.


SAT Parent

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