​The Heart of (and Need for) Conquer the Test

​When I started teaching the SAT about 10 years ago, I had no idea what it would turn into. I started as a young kid just out of college, needing a second job on top of my full-time job and my seminary classes, so that I could support my newly pregnant wife and myself…all the way on the other side of the country.
I was a smart kid, did well on tests, and, on a whim, applied for a job at a tutoring center. That center specialized in coaching the SAT, so to get hired I had to take the test.

I’ve always been more of an English guy, so I told them, “Well, I could help kids on the Reading and Writing sections, but the Math? Doubt it.”

When my scores came back:

  • 750 Reading/Writing

  • 800 Math

They said, “You’ll be fine.” And thus my SAT career began.

But over the years, after working with dozens of students and their families, I saw a problem. These kids were hurting. They were:
  • ​stressed
  • ​under insane amounts of pressure from friends, bad thoughts in their own head, teachers, the system in general, college deadlines, loving and well-meaning parents…you name it.

  • ​doubting if they were good enough.

  • ​doubting if they were worth anything beyond their academic performance.

​In my 10 years of SAT work, I’ve seen so many kids get pummeled by all kinds of negative thinking:

  • ​​“I have to get this grade on that test in order to be accepted…loved…worth it…successful.”
  • ​
“I’m not a good test-taker.”
  • ​
“I hate tests.”

  • ​“I’m not smart.”
  • ​​“I wish people liked me more.”

  • ​​“I wish I was good enough.”
​What REAL ultimate good would I be doing them if I didn’t get at their heart?

Jesus loves these kids like crazy way beyond any test score. And they need way more than just some SAT strategies to help them unlock an archaic reading passage or a tricky math problem.

If I stopped there, then the problems that got them into the place of academic struggle would just continue. And what good would my coaching be if I helped them academically but left their spirit hurting and crumbling?

These kids needed to know Jesus and his love for them. They needed to receive his healing in their hearts and minds.

These kids needed a new perspective, a new way of seeing themselves, God, and the world.

They needed to be shown that they are not victims of ANY of the stuff that has come against them…including all things academically challenging. They needed to know that they are CONQUERORS–MORE than conquerors, according to Romans.

Enter Conquer the Test and the SAT

I began by focusing my work with students heavily, if not solely, on the SAT. In addition to all of the SAT content, which is all the best strategy you can find on the market, I give my students a brand new way of seeing themselves and their lives…I show them what God thinks of them.

We cover:
• How to put the SAT in its proper perspective so as to begin to crumble test anxiety.
• Practical, in the moment, exercises to quickly decrease test anxiety.

• Your student’s worth, and whether or not they fit the definition of someone who is WORTHY of … someone’s love, investment, time, and energy.

• How your student can begin to retrain their mind to think DIFFERENTLY.

• The power of the words they choose to align with.

• Life-changing truths that God declares over your kids that directly impact their test performance.


I am a husband of over a decade now to the most enduring, passionate, kind, and powerful woman you'll ever meet. She keeps me on my toes, challenges me, and blesses me daily.

I am a dad to two gems who both dance, read like books are disappearing (meaning they read a lot if I'm the only one for whom that made sense), and take amazing care of our budding backyard farm.

By the way, yes, I own a dog, a rabbit, and two ducks: FARMED.

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