As the time to sign up for the SAT Boot Camp is coming closer. I wanted to continue to share some thoughts with you.

Some of them, like in the first video, are about the class itself and some of the benefits and feedback I’ve gotten recently: both spiritual and SAT-oriented.

Jesus is changing kids’ lives AND supercharging their understanding of the SAT…incredibly exciting!

The second video is all about test anxiety and a kingdom-centered approach to this incredibly common challenge that students face.

Finally, I’ve posted one of the 60+ videos that students of the boot camp will get access to. This video is intended to show you the type of teaching your kids will be getting from me in the class. We will be UNLOCKING the SAT together.

Also, I understand that you may still not know everything that goes into getting adequately prepared for the SAT.

In case you’d like a thorough, in-depth look at what our class is going to cover, I’m making available to you temporary full access to the online course.

Enter your name and email below and you’ll get full access to all of the instruction.

Keep in mind, much of this content is what we will be covering together in person. It will not all be in video form like this. But this is a great opportunity for you to see what class will be like.

One Girl Comes to Jesus, and Many Students Asking for More

Kingdom Principles for Conquering Test Anxiety

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