OVERCOME: College Essay Power Sessions
MVC–Summer 2019


Cut through your confusion about where to begin.

Cut down your workload by organizing the big picture.

Communicate your God-given story powerfully.

Don’t leave an impression with your essay. Leave a legacy.



To gain the victory; win; conquer

The college essay, for most incoming seniors, definitely feels like something that needs to be conquered. It’s not just a quick, check-this-off-my-list-of-things-to-do-before-I-go-to-the-beach-this-afternoon kind of task. It can be intimidating and overwhelming, which is a deadly combination for leading us into…procrastination.

But I like to frame it totally differently.

Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome satan himself and all of the dark crud he throws into the world by “the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.” In other words our testimony, OUR STORY, is powerful…and it goes way beyond just convincing a college admissions officer that we should come to their school.

Our story breaks chains. It defeats oppression. It fights evil with good.

AND IT SHOULD BE TOLD. Even in an essay. Even to try to get into college. Even if only one other person ever reads it.


If you sign up for an OVERCOME workshop, you’ll get

  •  5 hours of dedicated, guided, essay writing time with Mr. Hallock.
  • The OVERCOME Online Course, which will contain all of the thorough instruction you need to gameplan, brainstorm, craft, and revise…powerfully.
  • And if you decide to register for the first date, you’ll have the option of attending the second as well, if you want, free of charge.
  • But I want to be clear, if you come to the second session as well, my focus will primarily be on the other students who signed up specifically for THAT session.

Students who attend will be asked to invest work ahead of time so that they can come totally prepared to get the most out of their power session on Saturday. That’s where the OVERCOME Online Course comes in.

  • Here, students will be led through the gameplan process of finding their essay prompts and organizing them into a workable…MANAGEABLE…task list.
  • Then they will learn how to do the foundational work of brainstorming through several exercises that will equip them with material from their life story with which to put together an authentic and powerful essay.
  • They will learn key fundamentals of college essay crafting–how it can and should be organized, what kinds of elements to include/leave out, features that help it to stand out.

Once students have done this groundwork with my guidance via their online course, they will be able to show up on Saturday fully ready to write. Their time with me in person will be THAT MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE.

If you don’t think that your student can handle the outside work, this may not be the best use of their time…however, they will have access to the course even after the Saturday sessions, so it may be just fine.

Money Back Guarantee

If within 48 hours AFTER attending your Power Session date, your student feels like the time was not helpful and not a good fit. You are welcome to contact me and let me know you’d like your refund, and I will refund you in full, no questions asked. I don’t want you to risk ANYTHING.

Saturday August 17

10am – 3pm

If students register for this FIRST Power Session, they are welcome to come to the September 7th one as well to use it as a study hall. And I will give as much additional help as I am able.

You’ll see payment options are available.


Saturday Sept 14

10am – 3pm

Click the button below to register for this, the SECOND Power Session.

You’ll see payment options are available.



SAT Boot Camp + College Essay

If you’d like to sign up for the next SAT Boot Camp beginning later this September AND the OVERCOME Power Session, you can do both and receive a $50 discount.

Click the button to read all about it. Scroll to the bottom of that page for registration.



Feel absolutely free to ask me anything you like.

Cell: 805-748-6800

Email: [email protected]

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