Start Conquering the SAT with the option that works best for you.

Start Conquering the SAT

Bay Area SAT Prep Boot Camps

Check out the listings of all of the upcoming SAT Prep Boot Camps from Conquer the Test. Students of these intensive workshops receive Conquer the Test’s flagship product, the online SAT masterclass, as well as 16 hours of in-person class time where we practice, workshop, troubleshoot, and cover advanced SAT strategy topics that aren’t covered in the online course.
Start Conquering the SAT

Online SAT Masterclass

If you’re looking for top-notch SAT instruction that your student can work through at home, at their own pace, then this is perfect for you. The online masterclass includes over 60 instructional videos containing PDF downloads, powerpoint instruction, worked-through examples…AND email access to me for added guidance.
Start Conquering the SAT

One-On-One "SAT Conqueror" Packages

You may feel that your son or daughter needs focused, one-on-one, motivation from someone other than you 🙂 Maybe they need the best available comprehensive SAT coaching, a morale boost, a mindset shift, someone to tell them that God loves them.

Or maybe YOU need someone to help you formulate a powerful SAT prep plan.

Maybe you need all of the above!

If that’s you, feel free to get in touch. I have a limited number of Academic Coaching hours available for these very situations and would be happy to consider yours.

Questions? Get in touch with Matt.

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